by The White Tornado

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Here is a quintet of straight-out keyboard-centric rock tunes by The White Tornado. Sentimental yet unabashedly vicious, these are good tunes to listen to after a major life swerve.


released November 5, 2013

Keyboards, vocals - The White Tornado
Drums - Chris Wood
Bass - Mitch Fischels

The White Tornado played a Nord Electro 3 keyboard
Moog Theremin, Jaymar toy piano, and celery provided by Luke Tweedy
Accordion provided by Drew Fischels
Wind chimes provided by Carl Boudreau
Dirty upright piano provided by the Saddlebrook Neighborhood Clubhouse

Engineered by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black STudios (flatblackstudios.com)
Mastered by Carl Saff (saffmastering.com)
All music and lyrics copyright © 2013 by Bill Peterson (white2rnado.com)
All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



The White Tornado Davenport, Iowa

Combine a bluesy, coffee-drinking piano roller and a straightedge synthesizer geek with a Doctor Who penchant and you get the White Tornado - a mean power-piano-trio-backed songwriter who writes songs about life, love, science, and robots.

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Track Name: Last Scene
The plate glass window splintered like smoke
but a thousand razor reflections would not let me go
I hit the bricks bleeding and shredded and it occurred to me
that you can't play your cards based on what you believe
just what you know

all of our lives are spent reviewing scenes / and action we shout
but all of those things really happened it seems / it's tragic somehow
the camera keeps rolling; the script is a lie / go on with the show
there's no curtain call; there's no victory cry / this is all we know

the steering wheel tore from my fingers, I howled in despair
the wheels were screaming above me “nobody cares!”
I walked away laughing with tears in my eyes
It was just stupid luck that I made it, but still I survived
to drive somewhere

you, face red and twisted, standing so small
me, like a backhand, knuckles and all
and we fell, wrecked and whirling, I came to alone
tasting the grit of the only road I'd ever known

I'll be a rock, rolling downhill; I'll be a mindless automaton
I'll be the worst night of your life; I'll drink and drink until it's gone
This will be the end of all things; this will be my meteor
but when the denoument is over we'll be so shocked that there's still more
and we'll keep going on
Track Name: Halloween
looks like I'm back again, and I'm feeling older
the leaves are cackling, so I think it's getting colder
my keys are lonely; just car, front door and spare
tonight my pillow is a crate of silverware
hit the corner for a box of mac and cheese
this neighborhood doesn't need a guy like me
thank the cashier, try to wear a normal face
like I do this without thinking every day
No one I know has got my number
all the regulars have found a different crowd
seems like I'm in love with starting over
and this time of year is great for breaking down

Halloween, candles watch the sidewalk
Halloween, a sweaty plastic mask
Halloween, a few good kinds of candy
Halloween, nobody else knows who I am

The little zombies rode home in minivans
Their chaperones are making weekend plans
I'm in the kitchen, left my porch light off
Eating Kit-Kats, writing down my stupid thoughts
the neighbor's house is standing empty
no way to find out where they went
to my disgust each day I feel a little better
now that I can trick-or-treat again

just let me say the candy's good as I remember it
sadly, I know eventually I will get used to it

This jawbreaker is easier to bite now
The pumpkin skulls are crumbling away
this is the street I've always lived on
and I keep taking off costumes every day
Track Name: Here's the Monster
Here's the monster moan and shout
I'm the one you've heard about
I'm the one who broke her heart
better run or get torn apart

I'm the monster here I come
ruthless pile of callous scum
fires and floods are brutal too
but the monster knows what he do
oh, they say that her tears amused him
his heart is made of stone
he murdered her love and swallowed him whole
and left her bleeding alone
Now I haunt the streets at night
giving maidens fair a fright
pointy teeth and coal-black eyes
oh, my dear you'd best run and hide

I'm the monster, cruel and vile
come and sit with me a while
I'll teach you all love's silly tricks
give you heartbreak you can't fix
You who think love conquers all
stick with me we're gonna have a ball
I'll take you someplace worse than heck
and gently smile as I snap your neck
oh, emotions are for puny humans!
ambivalence is for the weak
just because he does what has to be done
we call the monster a freak
so get your torches get your rake
lock your doors for goodness' sake
but if he gets you don't resist
because the monster will make it quick

you might even call me noble
misunderstood, it's true
because I became the monster, my dear
you didn't have to be one, too
so don't give me a second thought
cherish what small joy you've got
as for me, night is falling, it's time to dine
yes, the monster will be just fine
Track Name: Bad Love Song
I tried to write a love song but I couldn't find the words
I tried to be a good man but I never seem to learn
I tried to do your bidding but I couldn't stand myself
did this ever make me happy? I'm too petrified to tell

bad love song, day one it all went wrong
bad love song, too much to keep going on
I just can't seem to fake it, this bad love song is all I've got

I said I'd be your hero but I kept breaking the rules
I said that I was sorry but it wasn't any use
I went to see a doctor but she couldn't make me right
so I grabbed my hat and toothbrush and lit off in the night

maybe I'll be an old man heart shriveled like my skin
lips foaming with curses on the hearts I couldn't win
but if I can't be Cassanova singing from a shining heart
at least I'll be a wrecking ball that can't be smashed apart

So I pretend that I don't feel it, but it stings just like a sore
maybe I've been ruined and I can't love right anymore
still I have to keep on living so I learn how not to cry
so when bad love comes to find me I can look it in the eye

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